Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | June 5, 2014

People in London


Richard Slater is a talented photographer who has spent the last five years capturing the people of London in all their marvellous diversity. He is seeking to turn this wonderful project into a book entitled People in London: One Photographer, Five Years, The Life of a City and has put a call out on Kickstarter for help to make this a reality. You can read more about this inspiring project, watch a short video about it and find information on how you can help by clicking here.


  1. But not all of that diversity is marvelous!

    In England’s capital city, the English are fewer than half of the population. And the vast majority of the non-English in London are there because the views of the English regarding immigration were ignored, or worse, abused and criminalized.

    The distinction between immigration and invasion is that the first happens with the consent of the settled, native people, the second against their wishes.

    Celebrating ‘diversity’ usually means celebrating the invasion and the race-replacement of White people wherever they live.

    … And then there’s the Gay Narcissism marches.

    There’s no good moral or spiritual reason for going along with the diversity agenda; we do it out of ignorance, cowardice, or corruption. And when we do so we spit on the memory of our ancestors who fought for this country and for our peoples, among them the druids slaughtered by Paulinus.

    • Dear blog reader,
      Accept this sort of xenophobic and homophobic comment or consign it to the Trash bin? Respect Free Speech or say No to Negativity? What do you think?

      • I dont think there’s any need to accept it. It speaks for itself.
        One might as well rewind all human history and expect the dinosaurs to rightfully return

  2. Someone who feels much the same as me about race-replacement immivasion had this to say about the need for open dialogue on these controversial issues:

    You gonna call him quack psycho-the-rapist names?

    Or are you willing and able to civilly discuss why nice people say Tibet belongs to the Tibetans, but England doesn’t belong to the English?

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