Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | May 12, 2014

This Game of Thrones

The Princess of Swords from The DruidCraft Tarot illustrated by Will Worthington

The Princess of Swords from The DruidCraft Tarot illustrated by Will Worthington

Living on a remote Scottish island doesn’t deter Alison Cross from being in the thick of things, when it comes to the dynamic world of Tarot exploration. She runs a fantastic blog called ‘This Game of Thrones’ which is devoted to the Tarot court cards. This is a theme particularly dear to us. Since we first started developing The DruidCraft Tarot all those years ago, Stephanie and I became aware of their vital role in the Tarot – providing, as they do, a complete typology of personality. So when Alison asked us if she could interview us in detail about the courts in the deck, we were delighted. Here’s how she begins:

A: Quite often the Court Card section of a Tarot deck can be a real disappointment: very little thought or symbolism seems to be included in the cards.  Not so with the Courts of the DruidCraft who are exquisitely detailed characters both in the artwork and on the written page.  You and Stephanie put great emphasis on the Court Arcana with the Druidcraft – what prompted you to do that?”

P&S: “The Hanged Man perspective! Looking at things in a completely different way – turning things upside down and inside out, certainly helped…    Read more


  1. Nice interview. I enjoyed your comments on the tarot and the depth of knowledge that came through in what you said; also seeing yours and Stephanie’s favourite cards.

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, Philip! It was great to speak to you and Stephanie about these cards – it’s THE deck that I use daily and it was wonderful to hear your thoughts behind the creation of those marvellous courts!

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