Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | April 3, 2014

Hedge Church Cosmic Mass

Author and OBOD member Mark Townsend is setting up an Open and Eclectic Mass in his home town of Leominster next Sunday. Mark wants to provide a welcoming space for those who have not felt comfortable or accepted by the mainstream Christian churches: ‘It’s not to make ‘converts’ or ‘money’ – but to offer somewhere for the many dis-effected by mainstream Christianity to break bread together and plug into the divine mystery.’ A lovely idea and held in a bar too! You are very welcome to join Mark and he has promised some interesting music to accompany the service – from Bowie to Kate Bush with a little Mark Bolan and Pink Floyd for good measure!
hEdge Poster


  1. Count me in, if only in spirit. I’m for any ‘religion’ with services held in a bar. Lovingly, Kelly (Hedge Druid in Colorado)

  2. Wonderful idea, wish I lived nearer……

    • Thanks both.
      Really looking forward to it.
      We have a Pagan/Druid (female) leading the opening and closing rituals, another Pagan singer (female) leading the music, and two other clergy (male) from different denominations leading the Cosmic Mass. There will be music from Bolan (Cosmic Dancer), Kate Bush (Hello Earth), Pink Floyd (Dark Side), Enigma, and Eric Whitacre, and lots of smoke and candles…
      Hope its a multi-sensory and multi-religious experience fro all who come.
      I hope to have a few clips to share at some point.
      Bright blessings, Mark

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