Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | November 30, 2013

Deep Thought!

A fake David Shrigley has been released on an unsuspecting world. Philosophers at UCL in London and UCLA in the States are working on decoding it:david shrigley


  1. i think it’s nirvana,with a little bit of nihilism

  2. Could it be related to the benefits system??

  3. You are what you believe?

  4. It’s a Joke!

  5. Funny! 🙂

  6. I think it’s a negativity diagram.

  7. Arrrrrrrgh!

  8. 42 right? It has to be 42.

  9. I totally utter utter get it , yeah

  10. Thank you – that gave me a much needed belly laugh!

  11. In truth, there are neither those who get it or those who don’t; nor is there anything to get, nor anything not to get. One whose brow is radiant is so because he or she notices the Self and consequently their self dies, then so do thoughts of Self. We are as IT is and the pure state is Awareness without being consciously aware. Where there is identity there is self; where there is selflessness there is no identity.

  12. Love that! It put a big smile on my face, very amusing!

  13. Center of the Venn diagram: Those who didn’t get it, then got it, but realized it was a huge waste of time to begin with.

    • Then again, one could take this backwards: There was nothing to get, but never got that, then by reflection realized there was something to get. Got it?!

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