Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | November 15, 2013

Olivia Robertson Has Died

I’ve just heard that Olivia Durdin-Robertson, who founded the Fellowship of Isis and at 96 was one of the great lights of Goddess spirituality and Druidry, died peacefully in her sleep last night. She was so familiar with the Otherworld, seeming to be often half-immersed in it, that I’m sure her journey to the Summerlands will be a good and peaceful one. She was always so bright and joyful, with a wonderful sense of humour – many blessings to you on your way dear Olivia.

Olivia with Ross Nichols (Nuinn) in fancy dress, Clonegal/Huntington Castle c.1970

Olivia with Ross Nichols (Nuinn) in fancy dress, Clonegal/Huntington Castle c.1970


  1. Amazing woman. Blessings for the journey, Olivia

  2. I remember her being interviewed by the equally wonderful Pete McCarthy in an episode of his ‘Desperately Seeking Something’ programmes. She came across a dottily delightful and charming lady. Sad to hear of her passing but what an extraordinary life!

  3. Yes she was deliciously dotty but fantastically perceptive and well-read – a wonderful combination!

  4. May the gods guide her to the otherworld and speed her return to ours!

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    😦 Sad to see this posted in Philip’s blog. May she have restful peace before her next lifetime….

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  7. So sad to hear this. I am grateful I had the opportunity to meet her at Isis Oasis a few years ago. She is an amazing spirit, a shining soul. One of the Great Ones has truly passed.

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  9. What sad news. I hope you do not mind but I have re-blogged your post on my FOI Lyceum site- Daughters of Qetesh.

  10. blessed be olivia was a awesome person with wisdom she will always be remembered now shes home with the goddess mother maiden

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  12. I just cant believe it we had just spoken about her In saint Dolay. I remember the mascarade she organized for the festivals in Clonegal. She inspired me with her relax and fantasy ways. May all that have been touch by her make her contimue to live through us. Farewell Ma Dame. Thank you

  13. ‘Friends friends’ . . Sad but true Olivia dies, however her consciousness lives on in those that are learn-ed. I completed my training as a Hierophant this year.. I am in Gratitude for the inspiration and learning.. Respect and love from our Universal Grove Of Light Keepers

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    What a great lady- and such sad news.

    I didn’t know her personally, but every time I read about her or heard her, she came across as such a lovely, witty, and beautiful woman.

    The Pagan community at large has lost a great individual. May her passing a peaceful and glorious one. May the Gods and Goddess of the otherworld welcome her with open arms.

    Come to your house
    Come to your house
    Beautiful being return to your house.

  15. She will be missed )O(

  16. it was such a joy to meet her and see her enjoy a mabon with our coven she touched so many of us wile she was here from all of us at standing stones bless it be the summerlands are richer for a sister coming home
    Unison holder of the Larimar stone of freedom

  17. May she be Remembered.
    Vivian, from the Earth Sanctuary, which was an Iseum for a time…

  18. Blessings on your journey to the Summerland and beyond…

  19. Bright Spirit, Magical Priestess. Remembered via The Wild Hunt:

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