Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | November 13, 2013

Finding Religion within Nature and within one’s Heart

John Tavener was an inspired thinker and mystic as well as composer, as he reveals in this interview. In particular one of his gifts was to sense and express the insights and visions common to all religions – a universalist approach also found in OBOD.


  1. A great poser as well as a great composer 🙂

    • To give him his due Dirk he was more a poseur than a poser – he had style! 🙂
      Joking aside I think he was an extraordinarily gifted man who was trying to be as authentic and sincere as he could.

  2. Fabulous interview, and interesting perspectives! Yes, he was an extraordinary talent and a v genuine person (had a couple of talks about music and otherworld themes on two prior occasions). re: the Obodwebsite link and a ‘universalist approach’ – as I believe that music is, and has long been, a powerful universal Connector, (on a # of levels, for many through the ages, including the Celts, of course), it is good to see this up there, i.e, as perhaps, after all, there may not be only ‘one way’ to properly ‘do’ druidry (contrary to what many often seem to imply, directly, or inadvertently.) Every drop in the ocean is unique, but nonetheless contributes to the Whole. Through the years Sir John has certainly made a groundbreaking, lasting contribution to the classical field, too (but he did get some ‘flak’ along the way – lol!) Blessings /|\

  3. His obituary ran in our local newspaper here in South Texas! His appeal was universal. I’m so glad to know about him; I have lots of music to check out now.

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