Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | October 30, 2013

For More Wonder, Rewild the World

800px-Adult_Humpback_Whale_breachingAn inspiring, fascinating talk about Trophic Cascades. Don’t know what they are? Find out about this extraordinary phenomenon whereby wolves change the course of rivers, whales the composition of the atmosphere. Tremendous vision and hope here!


  1. If this subject is important to you, you’d get a lot out of this magical video called Animal Communicator, 52 minutes. And if you’re super-busy, just watch from 37:00 to the end. Transformed my life:

    • Thanks Vivian, fantastic film and so moving.

      • My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it so much, thanks for telling me!

    • Amazing film, loved it.

  2. Thanks very much for putting that in my path, CC. Loved it and feel indeed filled with hope!

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