Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | October 16, 2013

Guerrilla Upholstering

Photo Kabir Bakie

Photo Kabir Bakie

We’ve heard about guerrilla gardening and subversive knitting groups – but here comes the big one: guerrilla upholstering!

Isn’t it wonderful that people can be so generous and also have such fun at the same time? Watch this little 2 min video on the BBC site about:

Mick Sheridan, a furniture upholsterer by day, working from his studio in rural Wales. In his free time, he has an alter-ego – he’s the Guerrilla Upholsterer. If he ever sees a public seating area that he thinks could be made more comfortable, he secretly upholsters it – from bus stop benches to bird watchers’ hides.


  1. Brilliant! Simple, generous & useful!

  2. Great! I love it!

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