Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | September 6, 2013


FROM The Warrior’s Call FB page:

28 September –  12 noon at Market Cross, Glastonbury High Street, BA6 9HJ – Join  over a thousand Pagans and like-minded folk in a ritual to protect Albion from fracking. Or hold your own ritual at the same time along with others all over the world. (Locate a local ritual here.  If you are setting up your own ritual, then please add it to this e-map to help with promotion.) This ‘Warrior’s Call’ is an international upsurge of deeply held spiritual love for this land. It is not a ‘protest’. It is something far, far deeper. Around the World on the 28th of September, rituals (both large and small) will be held to protect these sacred islands from harm. Although we all come from many different pagan paths, on that day we will speak with one voice. Read more on The Warrior’s Call FB page


  1. Reblogged this on Little Green Footsteps and commented:
    I’ll be joining in from home. I hope common sense will prevail in the end

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