Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | April 26, 2013

Diane Keaton on Wine, Tantric Sex and Marriage



  1. This is hilarious I loved it!

  2. Laughing, laughing…thank you for posting this.

  3. OH GODS/GODDESSES!!!! This is too funny!!!! I’ll have some of whatever Diane is drinking & you’re all welcomed to join me!!!! Thanks for posting. Blessings

  4. She seems to be drinking a large tumbler of red wine with ice cubes in it. Crazy Americans!

  5. Ha ha! maybe the magic of 3 x 3 hour tantric sessions will calm dear Diane especially making use of those ice cubes!

  6. After all that – what’s the movie? Hilarious to watch DK cracking up though … and she’s not married, so unmarried men, here’s your chance!

  7. The Movie is called The Big Wedding, just out last month.

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