Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | March 18, 2013

Druid Oracle App

DruidMenuHawkUntil I got an iphone and was initiated into the arcane science of the App I had no idea why friends were so enthusiastic about these ‘silly little things’ as I embarrassingly thought of them. Once initiated, of course, I became an enthusiastic convert – and in that spirit of enthusiasm I want to tell you about an app for ipads and smartphones that has been made of the Druid Animal and Plant Oracles combined. It really is quite extraordinary.

For a start, it offers the entire contents of both books and all the card illustrations. It also offers all the spreads given in both books and can combine cards from both decks or give readings from one specified deck. It has a journal so you can keep track of your consultations. It even speaks to you! (and you can turn the voice off if you want). And when you want to shuffle the cards it offers riffling, washing or cutting as options – amazing to watch!

To get it, go to the App Store and search for ‘Druid Oracle’.


  1. is it available for andriod?

    • looking at spec in app store it seems not sadly Alex. I’ll ask the developer.

      • Phillip, yes please have the developers look into desiging an Android App. That would be great.

  2. Ohhhhh, thank you SO much! This is one of my 3 favorite divination decks, and by far my favorite animal oracle. I haven’t been able to use it since I became allergic to paper … And just three days ago I was wishing again that I could use it for a particular question.

    It also looks like it’s a truly outstanding app.

    I am SO excited, and am telling EVERYONE on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you!!

  3. Please can it be made for android? Many, many of us don’t have Apple.

  4. This sort of surprises me, given the point made of providing lessons in paper form only. Whatever happened to the virtues of physicality? Anyway, I’m also waiting for an Android version so I can have a shot before making up my mind.

  5. […] via Druid Oracle App. […]

  6. I can see the point you’re making Paul, but a number of factors make this different, including the fact that the decision to go with this was a joint one made between Artist, Publisher and then Steph & I as authors…so a different decision-making process. In addition we needed to consider that the Plant Oracle is out of print and unlikely to be reprinted. And then these card sets actually work rather well with an app – as I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find. (I thought it was an awful idea at first – but the old fogey has ‘come round’)!

    • As I said, I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve had a shot. If you like it, that’s a huge recommendation in my book. I use the plant oracle in my ovate work, but have never worked with the animal oracle. Should be interesting.

  7. Great idea! but yes also looking forward to the Android version!

  8. My favourite oracle! I’m also waiting for the Android version! 🙂

  9. looking forward to the android version 😉

  10. Egads! Could it be Philip is becoming a ‘tekkie’? 🙂 the app sounds wonderful. Like many, I too am eagerly awaiting a version for Android.

  11. This is exciting news. I think that most people have the underlying feeling that technology is not or cannot be magickal. I am sympathetic to that opinion because of my age but I realize that, ultimately, it is my own magickal nature and knowledge that gives the meaning and understanding necessary to empower whatever tool I use…regardless of whether or not it requires batteries. 🙂

  12. Would love to see this in Android as well.

    • Do good if it was developed for Android being as that’s the most use smartphone.

  13. YAY…does a happy dance 😀

  14. I realize this is slightly off the topic off the app, but if I might ask, when did the Plant Oracle go out of print? I seem to have been living under a rock and had no idea that my favorite deck is no longer made.
    On the topic of the app, I would like to say one word: Wow. I am truly surprised at how this app works. I just used it to do a reading and I confirmed it using my Plant Oracle (I don’t have the Animal Oracle) and while some things were different due to lacking one of the decks, the essence was intact and my reading with the plant oracle reinforced the essence and expounded upon the reading from the app. All I can say is, well played, sir.

    • Hi Hedge Druid! The DPO went out of print quite a while ago, but we managed to secure a good stock from the publisher so we are still able to offer copies through the OBOD store, and I think other suppliers have also secured stocks so the situation is that it is still available but that won’t last forever! I reckon our supply will last about two years but can’t really be sure…
      As you say the app really is good isn’t it? I was skeptical but having used it I find the developers have done an incredible job. Glad you like it! 🙂

      • Thank you for letting me know about the cards, it is most appreciated. (I might have to procure myself an extra deck as a just in case!) But yes, the app was wonderful. I wound up writing a detailed review on my blog for those who aren’t aware of your blog or familiar with the O.B.O.D. I usually don’t get this excited about apps and programs, but this one is something special and as someone who uses divination on a frequent basis for healing and seeing things more clearly, this is something I can get excited about. Thank you again! =D

      • That’s a very comprehensive review Hedge Druid Gwen – thank you! Here’s the link to it:

  15. Another vote for android. And if
    you could have shown a druid a working smartphone, I think he might have found it pretty magickal.

  16. This Is great thank you Philip, 21st centuary pagans!

  17. I downloaded the app yesterday evening…WOW!

    Once again, as with anything that OBOD and/or Philip and Stephanie produce, the genuine desire to create a tool that is thoughtful, intuitive, and useful is abundantly present in the Druid Oracle app. Easy to use and hard to put down, I found myself losing time as I peered at the beautifully detailed artwork now even more alive because of the backlighting of the iPad screen.

    I was pleasantly surprised at the number of times I thought of a feature I would like only to find that it was already an option, such as drawing extra cards during a spread when further clarification is needed, having multiple options for randomizing the deck before drawing or allowing one to use their own picture as the spread cloth. These and other small but meaningful details, often overlooked in other “oracle” apps made by those looking to make impulse sales, are a testament to the time and attention that went into creating this amazingly intuitive and visually stunning tool.

    Thank you, Philip and Stephanie, for “staying in the kitchen” with us and the incessant giving of your time and attention toward the creation of the beautiful.

  18. That’s a great review Darrell – thank you so much. All credit goes to the apps developer who took such care over the project!

    • Too true! It takes a great deal of talent and skill to develop an app as truly functional and easy to use as this one.

      • I’m sure they (Fool’s Dog – the apps developer) would love you to review it in the apps store Darrell!

  19. Quick link to it:

  20. Can we have it for kindle fire? Pretty please 🙂

    • I’ll ask ’em Ruis! 🙂

      • oh thankyee! U r star. )0( 🙂

  21. The Druid Plant Oracle is still available at Amazon in the US…….

  22. 😦 noo stop apple….
    Because we that we use Android so we are always discriminated LoL

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