Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | February 6, 2013

Save the Sighthill Stone Circle

SSC December 13th 2012 015 (1)

The Sighthill Stone Circle is a most unusual site in that it resides in the heart of Glasgow. Created by Duncan Lunan 34 years ago, this wonderful astronomically aligned circle is now threatened with demolition by Glasgow City Council due to redevelopment plans that sadly have not included the circle’s survival. It is a short sighted vision because the circle is a marvellous asset to the city, a small haven for wildlife and people alike. Part of the circle’s charm and strength is that it is so unexpected – we are used to seeing circles in the wilds and to discover one amongst the motorways and highrises of a large city such as Glasgow is magical.

A petition has been launched to prevent the circle’s destruction – 1600+ people have already signed. Please take some time to visit the links here and sign the petition; the links give further information about the circle and how you can get involved.

More information can be found on:

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  1. Many, many thanks for this…… Duncan and Linda

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  6. Oops blog – bit early for me – as I was up late last night on the beach going through the night sky with Duncan. It was amazing…

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