Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | January 17, 2013

The Earth is in Need of a Good Lawyer

When it comes to worrying about the state of the planet and the Mass Species Extinction we are going through, I get frustrated that the only things I can do are ‘low-level’: I can try to be as environmentally responsible as I can, but I know that any effort of mine is like a tiny drop in a vast ocean.

I’ve always wished that I could find some ‘high-level’ action that I could help with. By high level I mean talking to the organ grinder rather than the monkey: for example persuading a government to switch off all their coal-fired power stations. But how unrealistic is that?!

The other evening I met the lawyer Polly Higgins who has come up with just such a high leverage plan. It goes straight to the top of the system – above individual politicians and governments – and brings with it the power of international law.

Watch this video of Polly speaking. It’s a masterpiece of engaging explanation. Within a few minutes she’s conveyed the essence of her message with great clarity and you just want to hear more. After you’ve watched it, please click here to sign the petition to help eradicate Ecocide. And watch out for our interview with Polly on Druidcast soon!


  1. Thank you for this great information Philip. I`ve shared it with all my 4k FB fans and on various other channels.

  2. I’ve signed up. Don’t have 4K FB fans yet, but every one I have will hear about it, and future posts from the sponsoring organization!

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