Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | May 23, 2012

Holy Cows

I took many photos in India in March, but this is my favourite. The early morning light and the disposition of the cows seems to create a very soothing effect. If you click on it the image enlarges and looks better.


  1. that mostly white one – bottom left corner – looking at the camera – she’s gorgeous and communes with anyone who looks at her! Something about her really stands out – her expression, gentleness…she’s special! 🙂

  2. Yes you’re right Alice! She’s looking right at us! 🙂

  3. Lovely picture, Philip. How did you manage to ascend above them for this shot? I know you have special powers, but….. Sarah F.

  4. Hi Sarah, We were up on the roof feeding the birds. Every morning the couple we were staying with feed the birds and cows as part of their spiritual practice. Such a lovely thing to do!

  5. They’ve got such soft gentle eyes. I love cows. I’m used to the Dutch ones ; ) Beautiful picture !!!

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