Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | January 12, 2012

Dogs and the Tarot

I’m working away to finish our lovely new website by Imbolc, hence few posts here, but just recently some photos came in from the last two workshops I did on the Tarot – one in France and one in Germany towards the end of last year. Using the Tarot in workshops creates a wonderful atmosphere of colour and images, as you can see from these pictures, and it seems to attract dogs too. In France they were occasional visitors while we worked, in Germany, Gloia the beautiful Koolie mix with ice coloured eyes, spent the whole weekend with us and ended up running the workshop…

Tarot Workshop at the Psychosynthesis Centre Bordeaux

Our reader is thanked for her startling insights

Gloia indicates the card I should be talking about

Gloia indicates the card I should be talking about


  1. looks like a cozy workshop… I like your beard, are you wanting to grow it long like merlin?

    • Hi Alice! No I think it might interfere too much with soup…

  2. Dogs make everything better!

  3. Lovely photos Philip, the beard suits! I’m still learning and studying the tarot, I find it a very useful tool to iron out those undercurrents. I try to read daily. Dogs are cool, I just love em. A good combination.

  4. Hear Hear Twig!

    I like the beard too! (But then I always do, I must admit!)

  5. Thank you Angie and Bronzewing! 🙂

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