Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | November 17, 2011

The Llanfrynach Telephone Box

Adele Nozedar

Regular followers of this Blog will remember my post a while back about Adele Nozedar’s beautiful The Secret Language of Birds Tarot

The wonderful Adele is also responsible for the creation of the country’s smallest art gallery: The Llanfrynach Telephone Box. From August, Adele was given permission to use the box as an art space for six months. Since that time there have been exhibitions by various artists such as,

‘The Magical Fishwishery Box’ 

Enter the box. Take a fish. Write your wish upon the fish. Attach your fish to the wires on the outside of the box. If at dusk the box lights up, then the magical fishwishery has granted your wish. If not, have another go.

Just recently the box was home to the work of Sarah Howcroft:

Sarah is a shamanic healer and teacher, wilderness educator, craftswoman and artist, living and working in the Brecon Beacons National Park. A few years ago she became very interested in the way indigenous peoples have, for many millennia, used body decoration to celebrate rites of passage, convey their intention, and create magic, and this interest led to her developing body art as a form of healing. People with many reasons for seeking healing have been re-inspired by seeing the colours and beauty of their own Spirit, and this exhibition is a celebration of the success and fun of this technique.  Visit the phone box to enjoy Sarah’s amazing work, have a go at painting yourself whilst you’re there, and send her a picture using your phone!  You can read more about Sarah’s work at

The box continues to be a gallery until the end of January and is a magical use of a public space in the most unexpected of places!

Gallery Enthusiasts


  1. Sarah Howcroft created my beautiful drum. If you go to her website it is the one with Raven and Full Moon, and the thirteen trees of the moons around the sides. Blessed on the full moon of Winter Solstice 2008

  2. What a fabulously magical idea!

  3. […] red telephone boxes and found new leases of life as ATM cash machines (below) and possibly Britain’s smallest art gallery […]

  4. This is an inspiring idea! …but what if you just need to make a call…?

  5. […] red telephone boxes and found new leases of life as ATM cash machines (below) and possibly Britain’s smallest art gallery […]

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