Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | August 18, 2011

Moon Books

Trevor Greenfield from O-Books, who have published some wonderful and thought provoking titles by Emma Restall Orr, Mark Townsend and Brendan Myers, amongst others, had spoken to me last year about setting up a specialist Pagan imprint called Moon Books. I am very pleased to announce that Moon Books is now up and running! Here Trevor writes a little about Moon Books aims:

 Moon Books is a new specialist Pagan imprint from O-Books (John Hunt Publishing). Our aim is to become a focal point for contemporary Pagan writing; the place people go to access Pagan writing and the place Pagans go to publish.

Moon Books invites you to begin or deepen your encounter with Paganism, in all its rich, creative, historic and contemporary forms. Feminine in some traditions, masculine in others, the Moon has been significant to Pagans for millennia. Taking the Moon as our symbol, we participate in the literary Pagan tradition by publishing books in Pagan religion and spirituality that are contemporary, accessible and creative. All expressions and traditions are equally valued and included; Druid, Heathen, Wiccan, Witchcraft and others.

Moon Books are available in all good English language bookstores worldwide and all major online retail sites. To find out more join our Facebook group at and keep up to date with new developments and publications. To enquire about our submission process contact

Trevor Greenfield



  1. Non fiction only, or fiction as well, CC?

  2. I’m not sure Bromzewing. Why not email Tevor and find out? (Let me know and I can post it up). With the success of Pagan fiction like the Stonewylde series I should imagine it would be a good idea!

  3. Will do!

  4. Hi Philip, Trevor says they will be publishing fiction too. XXX

  5. Very cool indeed!

    I do hope they’ll set up a non-Facebook site, as they grow and prosper, for all us FB refusniks 🙂

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