Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | June 28, 2011

The Druid Way

A reader has drawn my attention to the fact that my book The Druid Way is now being sold by Amazon in the USA for $2,035.27

Unless you really want to, it is not necessary to spend so much for this book. We have supplies of it here in Lewes for only £12.95

And if you’d prefer to read it in German, it is being published in Germany in October.


  1. should be in everyone’s library! one of my fav books. Cheers

  2. I was wondering whether the book will become available as an e-book some time in the future?

  3. Very disappointed to find that Aberdeenshire Council does not have this in it’s libraries 😦

  4. I would truly love to have all of your works as e-books. Easier to keep at hand, and more environmentally friendly to boot. Assuming your original manuscripts are in some sort of digital format, the conversion is usually fairly simple. Even if they are hardcopy, they could still be scanned and offered for sale as pdf files through the Obod website

    • Hi Lynn,
      I’m hoping we can create such a project in the near future! Blessings, Philip

  5. Just as EXPENSIVE as Church of Scientology Books!

    • at least we know druids are real though….

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