Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | May 4, 2011

Andrew Lloyd Webber Deeply Worried

Everybody (well almost) loves a good musical, and now for the Pagan world’s answer to Jesus Christ Superstar and  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: Damh the Bard’s songs have been turned into a musical Spirit of Albion which has already been performed on stage and is now being turned into a full-length feature film, to be released this coming Winter Solstice. It’ll be shown at selected screenings and available on DVD – and you never know, it might be showing in a cinema near you!

The producers are making a video diary of the production, and I’m looking forward to seeing the episode where they hire a helicopter to shoot Ceridwen standing on the white cliffs of Dover. Meanwhile I have it on good authority that Andrew Lloyd Webber is deeply worried. Here’s the latest video diary clip:


  1. If you are offering to make a donation, I’m sure we can hire a helicopter to get that shot!!!
    Failing that, you may like to know that we will be getting some aerial shots of the cliffs and other landmarks courtesy of a friend of mine with a private plane… and you never know…
    Blessings – Gary (writer/director)

  2. Aha Gary! I’d heard that you were going up in a helicopter…but a light plane is just as good! Good luck with the project – what a creative idea! Blessings, Philip

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