Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | April 27, 2011

Rizzle Kicks Does it Again

The other week I mentioned how our household had been turned upside down until 3 in the morning to accommodate the creation of a pop video. Now it’s up on Youtube and I have to say I like the lighting effects – all done while filming with long exposures and whirling lights around – the same way you whizz sparklers about to get brief images of shapes… Sit back, turn up the volume (or down if you’re an old fogey like me) and enjoy!


  1. WOW – how fabulous Philip.
    So pyschedelic.
    Catchy tune too.

  2. Great song and vid! Certainly worth losing sleep over! :0) Turn it up Philip!!! I won’t hear it said that you are an old fogey!

    • Well said Maria 🙂
      Just listened again and now I can’t get the song out me ed!

  3. Great song, hook and video! At 1:09 I’m pretty sure the lighting effects make him look like Cernunnos!

  4. […] Rizzle Kicks Does it Again ( […]

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