Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | April 21, 2011

Beltane Magic

In just over a week Beltane will be upon us – and here in England its magic is already strongly present – it is warm and sunny and the blossom is out in profusion. We just need a wee bit of rain to freshen things up and water the thirsty land. A reader (with the delightful name Celestial Elf – I wonder what he looks like!) has sent me the following animated movie that he has made. It must have taken ages to create and listen to the lyrical poem  – which, he writes, he created ‘after extensive research on how the ancient Druids of Ireland spoke their Roscanna or invocations.’ Thank you Celestial Elf!


  1. Beautifull just beautifull! Thank you,

  2. Hi Philip,

    I’m writing an article on Beltane in Cambridge for The Cambridge Student. Given that you knew Ross Nichols and have written about him, I was wondering whether you had any thoughts about the Cambridge context to his work. What did he think about the university? Do you think that he was inspired by the atmosphere there or was fighting against it?

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. The article is due on Sunday so it would be great to hear from you before then,

    Best wishes

    Julia Rampen
    Editor, Bridge Magazine
    The Cambridge Student

    • Hi Julia – I’ll email you with an excerpt from his biography ‘Journeys of the Soul’.

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