Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | April 14, 2011

Bards Master Moonfruit

Some members of the OBOD camp community have created the most fabulous website (courtesy of Moonfruit), full of inspiring, heart-warming words and photos. Have a look here. And others have crafted this beautiful ‘visioning’ for the Beltane camp, soon to happen beside Dragon Hill:

OBOD Beltane Camp 2011


Beltane is the time of the greening of the land. It is a time of duality. It is the time when action and contemplation, male and female, dark and light, pleasure and pain come together, passionately and dynamically to move us forward.  After the darkness and quiescence of the winter months, the gentle stirrings of Imbolc and the balance of Alban Eilir the natural world tips into an exuberance of creation.  The woven bud splits to release the delicate flower, spines protect the hawthorn blossom, the egg fractures and cracks as the fledgling struggles to emerge.

So it is in human lives.  After the torpor of winter the soul moves towards new manifestations, sloughing off old skins, struggling to break old patterns of behaviour and to burst into new ways of living.  As in nature, there is both pleasure and pain in these processes, death as well as life, unease and disturbance as well as certainty.

Our invitation this Beltane Camp is to become like the hawks, the hen harriers, the red kites that spiral on the thermals over the land, watching the eddies of energy as the winds ripples over the grass, before they stoop to their prey.  Held in the unjudging but sure embrace of the Lady and her Lord, we ask you to observe and work with the darkness and light of the energy patterns in your life that are the green force driving you through the spiral of creation and growth: new projects, lives, phases, coming into being as old ones fall away or are deliberately discarded.  Golden eggs cracking into unheeded fragments as the bird emerges into the daylight asking for care and nurture.  Know that in this passionate and often tumultuous process you will be rooted in the power and compassion of the Goddess and the Horned God.

These thoughts and impulses will inform all the camp. Fun, laughter, deep magic and moments of calm, moments of exultation – all will reflect the creative duality of this time. We will be given a new May King and May Queen. Sacred singing and chanting, Ana’s utterly unpredictable happening, talks by Ronald Hutton and Philip Carr-Gomm, the Men’s and Women’s Lodges, the Maypole, the Beltane fires, Eisteddfodau and a musical labyrinth, the Beltane Ritual and  Fires (oh, and a wedding).

This is our vision.
Sacred time, sacred space.
A blessing on our lives, a blessing on the land.

Written by Liz Cruse,  distilled from the dreaming of of Ginny Appleton, Richard Bennet, Gill Kavanagh, Elaine Gregory and Liz.


  1. Thanks Philip – lovely to see my words that were distilled from the dreaming of of Ginny Appleton, Richard Bennet, Gill Kavanagh, Elaine Gregory – and myself.

  2. Thanks Liz – I’ve added these names into the post!

  3. Great web site, much more fruitful and beautiful than the one I was caretaker for! Well done, everyone 😀

  4. Hi Philip and all
    nothing to do with the above but I’v just seen an amazing timelapse video by Terje Sorgjerd called ‘The Mountain’ on Vimeo, I think you will really enjoy this, it is quite beautiful. It also on the Daily Mail online today in science bit.

    • Thank you Jo – I tried to copy it into my blog to share with others but it won’t work. But thank you for sharing it – what beautiful images!

  5. Hello Phillip, thanks for thi lovely post.
    Whilst im not an OBOD member, I still hoped that you might enjoy my Beltane Blessing machinima film which I wrote (the poem) after extensive research on how the ancient Druids of Ireland spoke their Roscanna or invocations….
    and then filmed as an animation in Second Life

    Bright Blessings
    elf ~

  6. what an amazing piece of work, more please!!

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