Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | March 24, 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

When I was asked to write about 50 sites for the book Sacred Places (being republished in a new edition in August) I decided to include an entry on the famous Lascaux cave in France. As I researched it, to my amazement I discovered there was a far older cave with even more beautiful artwork in it – the Chauvet cave. Being discovered more recently it was less well-known and so I wrote about that instead. Now the film director Werner Herzog has created his first 3D film that focuses on it: Cave of Forgotten Dreams. You can read an Arts Desk review of it here. And here is the trailer:


  1. The real cave forgotten on this isle is the Atlantean grotto in Margate – ancient temple of Sea Goddess

    • Do Tell, blessings, rowan Duir

  2. Can you get this on DVD?

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