Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | March 21, 2011

The Light Body – Quote of the Day

‘If one leaves aside the last three hundred years of historical experience as it unfolded in Europe and America, and examines the phenomenon of death and the doctrine of the soul in all its ramifications – Neoplatonic, Christian, dynastic-Egyptian, and so on, one finds repeatedly the idea that there is a light body, an entelechy that is somehow mixed up with the body during life and at death is involved in a crisis in which these two portions separate. One part loses its raison d’etre and falls into dissolution; metabolism stops. The other part goes we know not where. Perhaps nowhere if one believes it does not exist; but then one has the problem of trying to explain life. And, though science makes great claims and has done well at explaining simple atomic systems, the idea that science can make any statement about what life is or where it comes from is currently preposterous.’

Terence McKenna, New Maps of Hyperspace


  1. And what if you don’t ignore those 300 years of experience and consider spirituality as something that has to have meaning here and now, firmly grounded in reality?

  2. My reality is that I have been seeing Bodies of Light on and off for all of my life – and many people with me. But perhaps we are living in different realities or multi realities or???

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