Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | March 13, 2011

Service Above Self

In the wake of such tragic news coming from Japan, I thought I would share with you a brief video that shows an example of how much good will there is in the world. I have to give a talk to a local Rotary Club tomorrow and I have to confess that I thought they were rather ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘stuffy’, but this video gives a rapid education on their guiding philosophy and what they do – which is impressive.


  1. There IS a lot of good in the world. Please also check out the largest service organization in the world Lions Clubs International. Our motto is “We Serve”. We are also sending millions to Japan to help with efforts there. We have clubs in every country of the world and all monies we raise go to help local communities and international outreach; particularly in the areas of blindness and diabetes. Check us out online.
    In Service,
    Niyati Brown
    Hamakua Lions, Secretary

  2. Thank you Hamakua! It is heartening to see how much good will exists… There is also the Round Table – a similar organisation. The Ancient Order of Druids, founded in 1781, works in a similar way, and at its height in the 1930s had over a million members, including Winston Churchill!

  3. Oh, I had not an inkling! Made my heart soar to watch and now know this about the Rotary Club. Beautiful, caring and generous human beings, and the best part is that RC is everywhere. Helping is contagious!

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