Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | January 23, 2011

Underwater Sculptures

Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculptures create a unique, absorbing and expansive visual seascape. Highlighting natural ecological processes Taylor’s interventions explore the intricate relationships that exist between art and environment. His works become artificial reefs, attracting marine life, while offering the viewer privileged temporal encounters, as the shifting sand of the ocean floor, and the works change from moment to moment.For more images and films see


  1. Wow! Eerily beautiful and moving in the way that shipwrecks so often are. Has that lost city beneath the sea feel to it; the figures are a little reminiscent of the lava bodies at Pompeii too – both appearing as a series of frozen moments that are incredibly poignant because they remind us of the fragility of our own lives. So apt considering the current destruction of these extraordinary environments. Great that the sculptures become reefs in themselves, somehow suggests the interconnectedness -if they die, we die. There is also something quite powerful about images of ourselves in environments that might be considered alien; placing the sculptures outside of a regular context, we get to see or sense something about ourselves that we might miss if they were found on dry land or in a gallery. Thanks for posting!

  2. Wow, this is absolutely fantastic and amazing.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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