Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | January 14, 2011


A fascinating interview with film director, Tarot expert and artist Alessandro Jodorowsky. I first came across his work when researching The DruidCraft Tarot. His book ‘Psychomagic’ was published in June 2010 in English. The introduction shows what an interesting thinker he is: “For some years now, Jodorowsky has been hosting, without publicity, a conference-happening to deal with therapeutic themes every Wednesday in Paris. The event is free of charge; five hundred spectators attend each week. At the end of the Mystical Cabaret sessions, volunteers pass the hat to collect the money necessary to pay for renting the hall. Three days before the conference, and always free of charge, Jodorowsky reads the tarot cards for some thirty people. At the conclusion of each reading, the person who received the reading is required to trace the words “thank you” with their index finger in Jodorowsky’s hands as payment.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Psychomagic, posted with vodpod

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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