Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | September 3, 2010

Farundell Book Launch

One of the most interesting new voices in fiction, L.R.Fredericks, was launched yesterday at a party in Highgate to celebrate the publication of her debut novel Farundell published by John Murrays. Guests boated on the lake, listened to the author read from her book, and enjoyed the September evening sun in the author’s garden…

Publisher and editor extraordinaire Kate Parkin (L) L.R.Fredericks (R)

Guests were invited to swim in the lake, but noone took the plunge

Kate Parkin and the fabulously dressed Sally Child


  1. I have read the book (that was available via pre-order on 19Th of August) and found it very, very enjoyable and touching on the Mysteries in a casual way , in a moving and convincing story. Chapeau!

  2. This is on my ever expanding book list. Such a beautiful garden!!

  3. lol, haven’t seen such a funny dress before (the last picture).

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