Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | June 29, 2010

Dharma & Druidry



Celebrating and Exploring the Connections between Druidism and the Dharma

30-31 October 2010 at the Shri Venkateswara Temple in Birmingham UK

The ancient Dharmic religions of India share many points of connection with Druidism. Often spiritual seekers feel inspired by the teachings, myths, songs and rituals from both ends of the Indo-European arc, and those who find their inspiration in both Druidism and the Dharmic religions may well be reuniting strands of a common cultural and spiritual heritage.

In this weekend we are bringing together members of the Druid community with members of the Dharmic community to share rituals, meditation, songs, dances, stories and teachings. The gathering is sponsored jointly by the International Centre for Cultural Studies and The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids. If accommodation is required, delegates can be matched with host families in the region. The cost will be a nominal £30 per person to include all food and accommodation.


Friday Evening: Time to arrive in Birmingham and settle into your accommodation, if you are travelling from afar.

Saturday: After a meditation, and both Hindu and Druid ceremonies, the day will unfold with interactions and explorations in small groups and with talks. There will also be an opportunity to watch Satish Kumar’s beautiful film Earth Pilgrim. Lunch and supper will be vegetarian Indian food supplied by the temple, and in the evening a joint Eisteddfod celebration will be held with music, song and dance.

Sunday: After a Druid blessing and a puja, there will be chanting of Vedic and Druid mantras, and then the morning will unfold with talks and interactions and explorations in small groups. The gathering will finish after lunch in the temple.

We hope that the weekend will foster greater understanding between the traditions, will inspire delegates to explore new avenues of understanding, and will offer a balanced range of activities: rituals, meditation and chanting to inspire our souls, social and artistic interaction to feed our hearts, intellectual stimulation to feed our minds, and wholesome and tasty food to feed our bodies.

If you feel inspired to join us please send your payment of £30 per person or £20 for a student (cheques made payable to OBOD) to: Penny Billington, OBOD, 4 Park View, Silver Street, Wells, Somersest BA5 1UW or email


  1. it’s all falling into place, awesome

  2. This looks fantastic! Will see about coming myself, but even if I can’t, I wish many blessings upon the event.

  3. Is this event open to everyone or do you have to be an OBOD member or anything?

    • Hi – you don’t have to be a member of OBOD, but what we’re aiming for is about 50 people who are coming from a Druidic perspective and 50 from a Dharmic one.

  4. Paganism Wicca way is best…

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