Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | June 16, 2010

Dancing Naked in Banana Land

Liv Torc photo by Neil Pinnock

Last weekend at our Glastonbury Town Hall Midsummer Gathering we were dazzled again by performance poet Liv Torc. Here she is as she normally appears on a Monday morning on a humdrum day about town. And here is one of her poems from her latest collection Dancing Naked in Banana Land. See Liv’s website here. Order her book directly from

My Biggest Compliment

You said,
‘You’re the best person I’ve ever met.’

I should have said,
‘What does that mean?
How can I ever be that?’

From every moment on
I can only prove otherwise
As each new person approaches
Like a fresh buck
Ready to upstage my title
That I will be forced to defend
Until the bitter end
Continuously flipping myself over in your hands
Like a sweet pancake
Revealing places where I’m burnt
And void of filling, tart or unwilling

You should have said,
‘Disappoint me, I expect the world.’

I should have said ‘thank you’
‘But I think you need to meet more people’.

Liv Torc


  1. Liv, you beauty, you are my poetry hero!

  2. Wonderful!

  3. Another awesome poem! 🙂

  4. Lovely. 😀

  5. You went a little overboard on the mascara and foundation though, didn’t you Liv? 😉

  6. she should do the Japanese para para dance 🙂

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