Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | March 3, 2010

Honouring the Ancient Dead

A few days ago I watched an edition of ‘Newsnight’ (the best UK news TV programme for those abroad who don’t know it). At the end they finished with a very well filmed piece on the HAD initiative (Honouring the Ancient Dead) which has been spear-headed by various Druids including Emma Restall Orr, who appeared on the programme in a snowy, misty Rollright Stone circle, and eloquently articulated the reasons why we should accord human remains unearthed in Britain as much respect as we do the remains of indigenous people from other lands. Well worth watching. I can’t paste the clip in here, but here is the link: oh not it’s not…It seems that the BBC only keeps the last few days up on its iplayer. (SEE COMMENT BELOW – A reader has found a link!) Another reason for less rather than more cuts for the BBC, who treated this news item with the respect it deserved.


  1. managed to find this link, don’t know how long it will last….

  2. Thank you very much for the discovery !

  3. This is some excellent work by the HAD group. These bones are our ancestors – spiritual if not physical – and they deserve to be returned to the Earth.

    The video was beautiful and respectful. I can’t imagine something like this coming from a commercial network – certainly none of the ones we have in the USA.

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