Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | February 14, 2010

The Art of Mentoring

A friend has written to me about a training coming this summer. She strongly recommends “this course for parents, teachers and community leaders, run by Jon Young, mentored by Tom Brown (the often unrecognised source of all survival skills teachings in USA and UK), founder of the Wilderness Awareness School in USA and pioneer in the Art of Mentoring.  More info can be found on the website I have found Jon Young’s work with children and adults profoundly inspiring.  To put it crudely, it is perhaps like a synthesis of a holistic Steiner-Wardorf approach inspired by nature, connection with the natural world, indigenous cultures, ancient wisdom and the problems of modern civilized society. His Art of Mentoring approach has many links with Druidry and the teachings of the Druids complement Jon’s work by providing wisdom from this land.”

July 4-10 in Worcestershire

“Sets fresh standards for environmental literacy that engages body, mind and spirit.”

Story Time

“This is nature education as it should be : mysterious, timeless, hopeful, evocative, and playful”  See

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