Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | January 12, 2010

Awen 21

Awen is natural – a part of Nature. So you can take any aspect of Nature and open yourself to it, just sensing it fully without judgement or even thought, and through it you can be inspired and invigorated with Awen. Take snow. Still yourself and imagine snowflakes gently falling around you. Sense that deep hush that spreads over the land when snow falls. See the snow in moonlight – sparkling and pristine. Feel the Awen reaching you – through your senses – through the vision of the beauty of the snow, through the silence it creates around you.


  1. Hello;
    In the tale of Ceridwen, was it ever clear what the ingredients of her cauldron were?
    I have read that there are six “plants of inspiration and knowledge” used, but it never says what they are.
    What do you feel they might be?
    Thank you so much for any help!
    * Sally

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