Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | December 19, 2009

Will Worthington Images

Roquebrune Ceramique, a French ceramic tile-maker, is offering the beautiful images Will Worthington has painted for The Druid Plant Oracle, The Druid Animal Oracle, The DruidCraft Tarot and The Green Man Tree Oracle as tiles. Here you can see how they look:

'The Restorers' by Will Worthington, on tiles created by Roquebrune Ceramique, decorate a kitchen


  1. […] and imagery, these decks are well worth the money spent. I was therefore thrilled when I saw this over at Phillip Carr-Gomm’s blog. You can now get the images from the decks as ceramic […]

  2. Wow! How lovely! Philip, are these made by that really nice man that came with you to the Portsmouth Moot recently? In the back of my mind I seem to remember he said that he made tiles.

  3. Mr. Worthington’s art is incredible and the tiles are a beautiful application of it! Now I really have an excuse to go re-do my kitchen….

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