Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | November 26, 2009

Awen 5

I tend to associate Awen with water, but here are some thoughts that came to me about Awen as fire. And, after all, the Song of Amairgen does talk about ‘fire in the head’:

And what of Awen in the void – in the blank spaces, the tired moments, the moments when you experience nothing but lack: lack of purpose, meaning, energy, joy? Awen then slumbers like a dragon at the back of the cave. If you dare, see if you can find the fury behind the fatigue, see if you can get to the hurt that has numbed your joy, the pain that has stifled your sense of purpose. Then perhaps you will awaken the dragon and you will cry out in anger or in pain and maybe – just maybe – the dragon’s breath of Awen will touch you with its fire!


  1. Interesting – I generally think of Awen in terms of air (inspiration)…

    Thank you for this series, by the way – it has been inspirational!

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