Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | May 26, 2009

Guest post – The Wizard Within 2, Mark Townsend

“Be still!
Can you hear him?
Stop for a moment… close your eyes… be here NOW!
Are you aware?
There is a forest… an ancient wood… a scary sacred place in you.
It can seem like an overgrown jungle of thoughts – densely compacted trees and bushes smothered in twisted vines and creepers.
These are the intertwined confusions of memories, assumptions, fears, beliefs, prejudices, judgements, failures and successes.
They are the many layers of ego clothing we’ve dressed in over the years. They form the background noise of our mind. Sometimes they are quieter, but sometimes they deafen us, ruling out any clarity of vision.
Be still!
Be here NOW!
Notice the voices blowing like wind through the trees…
Be aware of the echoes of arguments, unfinished plans, inner dialogues of confusion, and the incessant demands of the inner citric.
Notice them and the notice that you are noticing them.
See, they are NOT you. They are just remnants of past experiences and dreams of future hopes…
Be still!
Be here NOW where neither past nor present exist and then you will be ready to meet him.
Meet who?
There is an inhabitant within this scary sacred wood – a dweller who is real. Someone lives here whose presence transforms it from a frightening jungle to an enchanted forest.
He is quiet… he waits for you to stop and come to him.
He is not forceful.
He stands with lamp in hand, there in the deepest, darkest heart of the forest.
He is the wise One…
The true inner guide…
The divine voice…
The higher Self…
He is the Wizard Within.”

Mark Townsend


  1. Correction:

    Sorry folks – what a fool I am! The line that reads

    ‘Be here NOW where neither past nor present exist and then you will be ready to meet him’

    should say

    ‘Be here NOW where neither past nor FUTURE exist and then you will be ready to meet him.’

    Mark x

  2. That is exactly the poem I needed to read this week. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ya welcome Little Swallow.
      Glad it rang a bell for you!

  3. Great poem Mark. I love it! It has a profound honesty and is filled with meaning that anyone can relate to. Thank you for sharing your wise words.

  4. Well thank you so much Harmonia!
    Very encouraging to hear that me ‘wee wafflings’ ring some bells for others.
    I’m touched too, that you use the word ‘honesty.’ As as one time Vicar I’ve re-written some of JC’s words (how dare I?) that are so often used in a negative way.
    So now, for me, the phrase ‘The Truth shall set you free’ is better translated as ‘Authenticity shall set you free.’
    Bright blessings,

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