Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | May 19, 2009

Guest Blog Post – Susa Morgan Black – Listen to the Trees

Greetings all you lovely Philip’s-blog-reading people! Philip’s away from the OBOD office for a little while, so I’ll be posting some guest blog posts here in his absence. The first is a beautiful poem by OBOD member Susa Morgan Black (OBOD Druid, Northern California)



Listen to the Treesoakleaf

Listen!  They’re speaking!
Can you hear them?  Trees!
Boughs crackling and creaking,
Leaves whispering in the breeze.

Look!  They’re all around us, look!
An Arboreal Lodge, a Timber Society.
Inscribed in their bark, their sacred book,
Tales of forest magic, and woodland deity.

Under the moon in all her phases,
Trees gather in a nemeton, a Druid’s Grove,
And dance within the Faeries’ spiral mazes,
Where nature spirits gather to make love.

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