Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | March 5, 2009

Swami Yogananda and the Druids

Swami Yogananda

In England, Master [Yogananda] went to England with two boys – one of them was my son – and he went to Stonehenge, which is outside of London.  I’ve forgotten just the town – Salisbury that’s it – and he was telling my son, he says, “You know, one of my incarnations was here,” where the Druids were.  They have the great Stonehenge, those great stones which are arranged in a certain way.  And I know my son wrote back, and he said, “You know, Dad, Paramhansaji said here, this was one of his incarnations was here about 4500 years ago.”

From a talk on Reincarnation given by Dr. M.W. Lewis
San Diego Church, 9/13/59

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