Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | January 20, 2009

The Re-Making of America

What an inspiring speech from Barack Obama!

And how interesting that after the speech there was poetry and mention of the Ancestors in that poetry – important themes in the Druid tradition, with its Bards, and in many other cultures and spiritualities too.

Robert Morgan has said ‘People can’t answer a call that isn’t made’. It seems as if the new President has now made the call. It will be wonderful to think positively of America once again – no more Bush jokes, no more dismay at abuses of power. Let’s hope for the very best!


  1. I’ll quaff a tankard of apple juice to that me dear boy

  2. Today I got to stand in a room full of artists of every imaginable ethnicity and nationality, as we watched poetry and music being used to celebrate the ideals that regard all citizens of the earth with fairness and compassion. This gave me tremendous hope that it’s still not too late for us to create a more beautiful world.

  3. And in the poem also:

    harm none

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