Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | January 11, 2009

A weekend in Dorset

images-11April 17th-19th at Gaunts House, Wimborne, Dorset

Be part of the third gathering of some remarkable individuals.
In the widely-acclaimed book, Soul Companions: Conversations with Contemporary Wisdom-Keepers – A Collection of Encounters with Spirit, author Karen Sawyer collected 45 fascinating encounters with spirit beings… experiences shared by wisdom keepers from all over the world that communicate powerful and inspirational messages.
This Gathering brings Karen together with six of these wisdom keepers for a weekend-long series of workshops, ceremonies, lectures, discussions and much, much more.

Featured presenters from the book include: RJ Stewart, Leo Rutherford, Philip Carr Gomm, Patrick Gamble, Michael Dunning and Andras Corban Arthen.
We hope that you will join us for this extraordinary opportunity. Early-bird special discount available now!
Gaunts House 2
For more information please visit
e-mail: or call 01437 760075.

The workshops I’ll be doing at this weekend will be:

Sacred Places are found all over the world and in every spiritual tradition, but what is it about them that makes them so interesting? In this workshop we’ll start to explore their magic and purpose, and examine both the benefits and pitfalls of pilgrimage and visits to sacred sites. We will also work with a specific technique to journey in the inner world to sacred sites, and look at ways in which we can deepen our connections with them.

Hold on tight and brace yourself for a journey at break-neck speed through 45,000 years of English history, meeting a host of eccentric characters and inspired sages who have shaped the course of history and the development of medicine, science and art. Every so often you’ll be able to get off the train, mingle with these characters, and perhaps even try out some of the techniques that they pioneered.

Here’s a short film of last year’s Soul Companions event. At the end you’ll see clips from the highlight of the weekend – a ceremony we did in the wild inspiring setting of St.Govan’s Chapel. You also get to see clips of some of the wonderful speakers we had, me acting as a human pillow, and offering words of wisdom  – not ‘channelled’ as it appears, but spoken during a meditation to connect with our inner creativity.


  1. I was privileged to hear Andras Corban Arthen speak of his own experiences during last year’s Sacred Space Conference in Laurel, Maryland USA. His story was amazing, beginning with early childhood experiences, a gap after puberty and then full bore back into it. This should be worth the price of the book alone (and don’t miss the conference coming up Feb 5-8 if you’re an East Coaster

    Sometimes it seems to me that the way people speak of as space alien abductions follows similar storylines of contacts with the Fae. Are the contacts the same, but our frame of reference fundamentally different for each age?


  2. […] some people pay to learn how to connect with the energies of ancient sites. For example, on Philip Carr-Gomm’s blog there is a post about Soul Companions, who offer you a weekend away in Dorset to learn some pretty […]

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