Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | April 15, 2008

Lost Wonder

The world is full of much sadness, but much that is beautiful and wondrous too. Have a look at this project, ‘The Museum of Lost Wonder’ – it’s really quite extraordinary and explores alchemy with a great sense of fun and ingenuity.  It’s creator, an exhibit designer at the Monterey Aquarium, explains the project in the movie clip below:


  1. That is brilliant!! And the website is fantastic !!! Where do you find these things?? And it is true about memories and found objects – the things we collect hold so many more gateways to memories than a bought souvenir – what an interesting chap!

    Thanks for this Philip – I’m off to explore the museum some more 🙂

  2. Hey there is a book too – available directly from Deep Books in the UK. I bought it before Christmas last year and got my book review of it published in the local paper 😉

    Think Deep Books have got a website if you are interested in buying it (the book, not the review!).

    There’s another book out too, but can’t quite recall the name of it. Think it might be published by Red Wheel or Weiser…..


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