Posted by: Philip Carr-Gomm | November 3, 2007

Words are clothes

The idea that through writing you can somehow undress and reveal the ‘real you’, the ‘naked you’ , your True Self, is of course a sham. Words are clothes. Writers are fashion designers, models or tramps, flamboyant or boring…

Even so, I believe it is worth following the advice of the sculptor Henry Moore who said one should always have an unachievable ambition, and the ambition of using words to reveal the unrevealable, the known to speak of the Unknown, seems a worthwhile ‘hopeless ambition’.


  1. Isn’t that the old Masterpiece : to be conscious of the Unconscious; like the Baron von Münchhausen pulling himself out of the swamp by his own hair? Ambitious indeed…

  2. On second thought it must be the other way around : to be unconscious of the Conscious, like the people in Plato’s cave. But what ignites the deed of turning to the light? Curiosity?


  3. I gather that several Henry Moore sculptures have recently been stolen, apparently for their value as scrap metal.

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